Day 8 of 37

Roman Nose State Park to Milford State Park

After a good night's sleep and a few minutes deciding on a direction, I packed and headed northeast towards Fort Riley, KS before a big push west - leaving North Carolina started the big push west but now the trip is on its critical western path. Since the drive was fairly uneventful and very much similar to yesterday, I'll just treat this article as another day in a long trip reflecting some as it progresses. There were many days that started by traveling, then ending somewhere cool. You just don't know what is going to happen or where the day might end but that is how it is sometimes.

The drive was uneventful and I spent the day reflecting and thinking about what lies ahead. Every day can't be filled with adventure and activities so I bit the bullet and simply put miles in again. What can I say about a drive though Oklahoma and Kansas - farms, open plains with small mid-western towns every so often. The drive itself is an interesting experience. Everything is new and I was doing what I wanted. I did notice a reoccurring theme, however, that you may experience if you travel for weeks. Every day there may be low points and high points and it can change from one moment to the next. Even a driving day has its place because in an instant things may change. I also understand that I am the orchestrator of it all - I control the path and it is up to me to make things happen.

After driving through a massive storm in Wichita and exploring the town a while, I continued towards Fort Riley and eventually turned west to Milford State Park which has the state's largest lake. The first task was to scope out the park and find a good camping spot for the night. The sites are basically all good and mostly located on the lake so it wasn't difficult to choose one that satisfies my camp site expectations. The temperatures are hot but much cooler than the blistering heat of southern Oklahoma so that was a plus.

I initially took this site but moved to a much better location. All the sites are practically on the water. Milford State Park: Initial campsite photo I liked this site much better. More trees, less people and close to water. Milford State Park: Final campsite
location photo

As you can see from the photos, Milford State park has good camping sites. After settling in and while exploring the park I ran into the host who was nice enough to give me enough wood for the night from leftovers found at camp sites which is awesome. This gesture struck me as a pretty cool event since I have been to camps where the hosts collect leftover wood and resell it to new campers. I always thought that was kinda rude and certainly don't want wood I leave resold. I talked with the host for a while and learned that swimming wasn't recommended because of the blue / green algae. I'm glad I found out, but fairly sure this information was posted throughout the park.

Since it was late I decided head back to camp, practice taking sunset photos and expermenting with time lapse on my Gopro. Here are a few photos and the infamous time lapse campfire video.

A Thalassica Grasshopper - Perfectly blending in with a granite rock. A photo of a Thalassica
Grasshopper at Milford State Park I have to admit - Beef jerky, Pringles and Bud Light were my go to for a quick dinner when I was low on food and didn't want to deal with finding more. Milford State Park: A typical dinner - Beef jerky, pringles and Bud Light My simple setup - An Ultralight tent by Milford Lake. Milford State Park : Campsite - tent by Milford
Lake photo Campfire by Milford Lake Milford State Park sunset,
campfire and Milford Lake photo. I like taking photos of campfires - This one came out pretty well. Milford State Park: Campfire closup photo.

The first time lapse I made - GoPro HERO 4 Black / 4k

Milford Lake golden sunset - The initial sunset. Milford State Park: Golden Sunset
ove Milford Lake The sunset lost its golden hue but started to turn more blue. Milford State Park: Later
stage of a sunset over Milford Lake A panaroamic sunset photo - Milford Lake Milford State Park : Milford Lake Sunset
panoramic photos The final sunset stage - Sweet! Milford State Park: Final stages of a sunset
over Milford Lake

All is all it was a good day. I found good camping, the drive was uneventful and I was happy to be one step closer to the mountains. Although I spent most of the day driving I was happy to be on the road and lucky to be able to do so.

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